Jambo Travelhouse Safaris is a tour company registered under the laws of Kenya (East Africa). At the inception of Jambo Travelhouse Safaris, we committed ourselves to build a company based on ecotourism enhanced by quality service, integrity and sound business ethics, thus enabling us to become one of the leading African – inbound Internet-based Tour Operators.
Services offered to the individual traveller, groups, conferences and incentives include:

  • Tailor Made /Customizable Tours and safaris
  • Wild Life Lodges, Accommodation & National Parks
  • Land & Sea Transportation (motor vehicle, rail, coach, boat)
  • Air Transportation
  • Outbound tours

We also offer clients a meet and greet” service on their arrival at every main entry point.

Over the years we have sidestepped the lure of operating only popular tourist routes, encompassing unique ecological areas of East Africa, adventure (river rafting, mounting climbing, hiking, sailing, cycling, etc); special interest and cultural / historical tours incorporating experiences of East Africa.

Include wild game; bird watching; game fishing; photographic safaris; adventure excursions in search of insects, fossils, rare mammals and plant life; over Landers & trails.

Tours are constructed on the following basis:
A – Self-driven customizable tours with detailed personal itineraries with optional side excursions.
B – Tourist Guided Tours / Safaris in custom built safari minivans with carefully selected KPSG (Kenya Professional Safaris Guides) registered guides to provide professional skills and knowledge of the areas within which we operate.
Behind the scenes
Our dynamic team consists of 17 highly trained and well-traveled permanent staff members, who are committed to sustainable tourism. Annual inspection trips to accommodation and areas represented are undertaken to ensure a high standard of hygiene and service.

We have 4 operating divisions:
1. FITS (Teaching & educating people to tour East Africa and its neighbors, and providing them with detailed information about places, excursions, costs, what to see and do etc.) FIT stands for Fully Inclusive Tours for the Free Independent Traveler. Groups, Conferences and Incentives Department.
2. East Africa National Parks and Game Lodges/ CampsĀ  for fly-ins and self-drive.
3. Brokering representing other operators tours & safaris throughout East Africa and its neighbors.
Quality transportation with guaranteed window seats
On safari window seat is guaranteed for each client. Each minivan or 4×4 cruiser has a mobile HF radio, cool box, reference books, and binoculars, First-Aid Kit. Our cost for minibus or 4×4 cruiser includes the services of driver-guide. All vehicles are always maintained and kept at excellent standards.
Unsurpassed Personal Services
Your clients are met at the Airport by our representative, and similarly seen off on departure. At the Hotel a knowledgeable host or hostess will assist with their check-in and safari briefing. He/She will be available for them whenever they are in cities to help with shopping, appointment and packing. Should you wish us to protect your identity, this can easily be arranged. Airport representative and host/hostess will wear your badge or uniform, itineraries will be typed on your headed paper, and we will place your stickers on our minivans.
Our Philosophy
Apart from our enthusiasm to offer clients an experience of a lifetime within our culturally diverse Flora, Fauna and beautiful land, we are also passionate about the preservation of our natural environment. We believe that as we wrestle with the demands of poor and exploding populations, the responsibility lies with all mankind.
Jambo Travelhouse Safaris believes that correct education will help develop an understanding of the vital importance of preserving our fragile and beautiful world for future generations. Therefore as part of the travel industry, we must play a leading part in the protection and education of our environment and the involvement in community projects. We are here to help tourism become the engine for economic development by facilitating responsible and sustainable tourism. This is handled by our own CSR department and charity organization Compassion Africa.

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