Your contract for all services confirmed is with relevant supplier(s) and is governed by the laws of the country in which the supplier is located and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that country. Some of the suppliers have special additional terms and conditions which may apply to certain services for example certain lodges, camps or rail journeys. These special terms and conditions may further limit or exclude the supplier’s liability to you and may differ from those contained herein, for example they may impose more stringent cancellation penalties. Any special Terms and Terms and conditions will be advised by the supplier(s) at the time of booking and all cases will be considered part of your contract.
Payment is usually required 35 days prior to the commencement of the tour. If booking is received within 35 days to the commencement of tour, payment should be done 5 days after confirmation.
All lodges, hotels , domestic airlines and any other suppliers reserve the right to increase or decrease the prices of unsold holidays at any time. Once the price of your chosen holiday has been confirmed at the time of booking, then subject to the correction of errors supplier(s) will only increase the prices in the following circumstance.
Prices increases after booking will be passed on by way of surcharge. A surcharge will be payable if inflation, the cost of service, fuel, labour or material or currency fluctuates adversely. However, the supplier(s) will not impose any surcharge after full payment has been paid. If the total surcharge is 10% of the price or greater, you may cancel your booking without any penalty and receive a full refund of all monies paid to the supplier except for amendment charges, provided you notify the supplier of your cancellation in writing within 14 days of the surcharge notification.

All hotels, lodges, and other suppliers reserves the right to correct errors in both advertised and confirmed prices as soon as they become aware of the error.
Accommodations as specified in the itinerary (or similar) in standard rooms on a sharing twin basis with private facilities (where available). Single rooms are available at the supplement indicated but due to limited facilities in lodges and tented camps, cannot be guaranteed even with payment of single room supplement. If you have paid the single supplement and a lodge or a tented camp is unable to provide you with a single room, the supplier{s) will refund the appropriate pro-rated single supplement to you.
Park entrance fees, Medical air rescue services to the nearest local medical facility, hotel taxes and service charges..
Tour prices do not include visa fees, airport departure taxes, any beverages, laundry, telephone calls, flights unless specifically mentioned, gratuities and all other expenses of
personal nature.
If you are forced to cancel your travel arrangement, you must notify the supplier(s) in writing. Cancellation fees will be based on the date the supplier(s) receives written notice of your cancellation and are listed:

* Cancellation received more than 35 days prior to commencement of services: No charges.
* Cancellation received 35-21 days prior to commencement of services will forfeit 50% of the total cost per person plus any special cancellation fees imposed by supplier(s) for special services.
* Cancellation received 20-14 days prior to commencement of services will forfeit 75% of the total tour per person plus any special cancellation fees imposed by suppliers(s) for special services.
* Cancellation received 13-0 days prior to commencement of services will forfeit 100% of the total tour cost per person.

If clients are forced to cancel any portion of the tour while in progress, there is no refund for any unused services.

Participants are urged to purchase cancellation insurance.
If the supplier(s) is forced to cancel your services (for reasons other than your default in payment), the supplier(s) will offer you the choice of purchasing alternative services (and paying a supplement or receiving a refund in respect of any price difference) or receiving a full refund of all monies paid them, except in cases where the suppliers cancellation of service is due to lack of participants, or circumstances beyond control of the supplier(s), such as force majeure event(s).
The suppliers(s) will also pay you compensation in the amounts listed below.

Cancellation compensation:

* If supplier cancels your service more than 56 days prior to departure, no compensation will be made.
* If the supplier cancels your service 56-43 days prior to departure, you will receive US$ 25 per person cancellation compensation.
* If the supplier cancels your services 42-29 days prior to departure, you will receive US$ 45 per person cancellation compensation.
* If the supplier cancels your services 28-15 days prior to departure, you will receive US$ 65 per person cancellation compensation.
* If the supplier cancels your services 14-0 days prior to departure , you will receive US$ 90 per person cancellation compensation.
If you wish to make any changes you must notify the supplier(s) immediately in writing as soon as possible.
Under certain unusual and unforeseen circumstances, such as events of force majeure, the supplier(s) may be forced to change or cancel services while the tour is in progress. This is extremely unlikely but if the situation does occur, the supplier(s) will be unable to make any refunds, pay you any compensation or meet any expenses you incur as a result.

The supplier(s) reserves the right to make changes to and correct errors in brochure and other details. If these changes occur more than 14 days prior to commencement of the services, the supplier(s) will make all reasonable efforts to notify you of such changes. In the event of these changes are significant, the supplier(s) will provide you with the option of accepting these changes or to cancel service. In the event you choose to cancel your services because of these changes, the alternate arrangements (and paying or
receiving a full refund of all monies paid to them). In addition, in the event of significant changes by supplier(s) will pay you compensation as advised earlier. In all cases, the supplier will determine whether changes meet the criteria if significant in order to determine whether additional compensation will paid.

No compensation will be paid and no liability beyond that mentioned above will be accepted by supplier(s) where changes are as a result of circumstances beyond direct control of the supplier(s) and /or in the case of force majeure events.
No supplier(s) is responsible for the provision of international flights. Further, suppliers are not responsible for any losses or additional expenses incurred should any delays or cancellation of connecting international flights or onward connections.