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Winston Churchill omtalte Uganda som “Afrikas perle” med sine enorme villmarksområder og kanskje kontinentets mest mangfoldige dyreliv. Landet tilbyr de beste dyrelivsdestinasjonene, fantastiske eventyrferier og det beste fuglelivet hvor som helst. Dens skjulte daler og store gressletter var en gang stemplet for de beryktede elefantjegerne.

From the snow capped peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains, to the awe-inspiring spectacle of Murchison Falls, and from the Impenetrable Rain Forest of Bwindi to the endless horizons of the central plains, Uganda’s scenic diversity and richness of the landscape compares favorably with anywhere on the African continent. Uganda is also sanctuary to such rare and unusual species of wildlife such as Uganda Kob and the Shoebill Stork, together with the magnificent Mountain Gorilla as well as some of Africa’s largest concentrations of Crocodile and Hippo.

The Pearl of Africa is indeed a compelling destination and we are delighted to extend to you an invitation to follow in the foot steps of those early explorers like Speke, Grant and unlock the secrets of this priceless African gem.